The serious side of Kelvin…

by Kelvin on August 21, 2009

Yes, yes – I know what you’re thinking.

I can hear the usual barrage of comments coming already, “Oh Kelvin – you already have the *other* blog – you know, the one which you shamelessly spread via Word of Mouth [media] (but hey, since when was WoM a media type?) and which your alma mater has a Love-Hate relationship of!”.. or maybe something like, uh, “Did you need to REALLY buy to setup your blog? What will happen to the rest of the Kelvin’s in Singapore, hurrrr? – but I’m also named Kelvin, leh!”.

Too bad, then. I grabbed it first – you other Kelvin‘s left it out there too long – (but I’ll gladly grant free subdomain redirects, unconditionally – if you just ask politely).

No, really. Let’s go through why I actually have this blog/site/portfolio/thingy up.

I’ve long wanted to have a more “proper” space for my work – and I used to think that my work belonged in So, yes, I started posting really amazing stuff about work, chim-chim (local, unofficial and definitely unapproved slang for, uh, “advanced“) technologies and all that stuff – and.. well, to a largely non-technical audience, it didn’t really make any sense at all.

I want my geeky peers to have really something to chew about, and well, I also see the need to segregate work from play (even though, Full Disclosure: I love playing *during* work) to be more.. on-the-ball, if that’s actually the correct word to use.

That said, okay – here comes…. – the more serious side of Kelvin Leong, who can undoubtedly be found on Facebook as, – and whom can be reached at… kelvin [at] (STOP saying “duh”, I know you want to say that desperately – but hold that thought, will ya?). And no, there isn’t exactly MSN (oh sorry Microsoft, it’s now called Windows Live Messenger) on that account…

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Monex January 22, 2011 at 7:21 pm

Although I know for a fact spoiled the new CD thing and listened online that it is indeed awesome!happiness Auntie Pam NTP is so cool that she is officially a Kelvin!

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