Onraet Road.. and 4D Numbers!

by Kelvin on February 24, 2010

It all started with Onraet Road, a place, which a client of mine had tried (but failed horribly – due to my part of understanding) to describe to me of it’s location.

He said it was somewhere near Upper Thomson Road, after the Old Police Academy, and near some place called “Pek Kio“, which, to be perfectly honest, sounds like a place out of the olden side of Singapore. No, I hadn’t been expected to actually comprehend, but he spent a hefty good 15 minutes explaining – purely because he was trying to illustrate where it was, and also because he had stayed there for the earlier half of his life.

I didn’t even bother to Google Maps it. (admittedly – gothere.sg has better mapping services, and much more accurate info)

On D-Day, I hopped on a cab, after receiving a call from a flustered and frantically-not-knowing-what-to-do girl, and it instructed (or more accurately, requested) me to head directly to KKWCH, an acronym which was meant for a place of, uh, greater good. I waved down a cab, and instructed the cabbie to drive as fast as humanly possible, even if it meant pissing off other drivers and cutting infront of the queue at the entrance to BKE.

Boy, were other drivers pissed!

The journey was one of silence and anticipation, until I passed Onraet Road, where the cabbie took the nearest exist to head onwards to my destination. As I passed there, it struck me at once – everything was somehow coincidental in a asymmetrical manner – spotting relevant keywords, and discovering what you were never about to expect.

I passed Pek Kio Apartments, and I figured, wow, so here it all is. Falling in a straight line.

Pretty, isn’t it?

I alighted at the taxi stand, and rushed to the suite where my pretty girl was waiting, and D-Day it was!

I now have 2 pretty girls 🙂

That said, here are some lucky 4D numbers which you bet are going to be on my to-buy list from the neighbourhood Singapore Pools outlet… not that I’m encouraging gambling or anything – but lottery is pretty much relevant for the occasion, I suppose!:

2202, 0210, 1159, 0003, 0220

If you strike, I don’t ask for much – just Breakfast, Kopi, Lunch, Kopi-peng, Tea Desserts, Teh-o-peng, and Dinner. Not much lah, 3 meals only……

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