BlackBerry Tour 9630 Simplified Chinese Pinyin Input for OS 5.0

by Kelvin on February 5, 2010

Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630
Image by Dan_H via Flickr

Well, so… the BlackBerry Tour 9630 wasn’t “really” supposed to be used in East Asia, huh.

..or so RIM and/or the huge telco’s in this region (yes, I’m in Singapore, incase you haven’t figured out what .sg stands for) thought so. Actually, yea, there’re quite a few people (like me) who brought in Tour 9630’s from countries far, far away from the US.

Still, yes, everything works fine – if you have pretty unlock codes to get rid of the annoying “Activation Required” message when you first get the phone (that’s actually the CDMA lock to “program” your number into the CDMA part of the phone), and this phone is pretty much on par with a BlackBerry Bold2 9700 – at a fraction of the price – minus the WiFi capability.

Anyways, SingTel – the local telco which I (alongside with around millions of other people) happen to be using – just doesn’t have firmwares for the BlackBerry Tour 9630, hence I am forced to depend on external sources (read: Hong Kong telco provider’s) to get my fix for the latest and greatest BlackBerry Operating System for my 9630.

At the moment of writing, it’s Of course, as time goes by, and things progresses, this version would seem insignificant.

Then I realised that… none of the 3rd party sources which released 5.0 for the 9630 actually had Chinese input! Damn!

(Full disclosure: I deal alot of the Chinese people in Chinese in other East Asian countries, hence I NEED Simplified Chinese input at the very least)

..and so I went and read up on .ALX files, and .COD files.. and… voila, here you have it:
Simplified Chinese Pinyin Pack for OS 5.0

This pack works with most BlackBerries running 5.0 with keyboards… and has specifically Pinyin input for Simplified Chinese!

Go give it a go, and let me know if it works! 😉

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joyce October 15, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Anyone know how to download pin yin input for BB Bold?

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